Slip Gear: Jet Pack Wasteland

In this side scrolling shooter you play as Moss. A professional jet pack operator, independent thinker, and deep city salvage opportunist. The depopulated cities of the outer systems are ripe for the plundering and a guy like him could make a fortune selling salvaged prewar synthetic limbs and cybernetic organs on the black market. All he has to do is shoot his way through bandit infested wastelands and badlands while avoiding Imperial security patrols and hostile smugglers.

Game Features

– Shoot enemies with rocket launchers, shotguns, flame throwers and more.
– Gear up with jet packs, rocket packs, and even a gas mask.
– Battle robots, scavengers, and imperial security forces.
– 2D platformer with easy and precise jet pack control.
– An immersive and engaging story of survival in urban badlands.
– Random level generation for a “roguelike” ever changing and challenging game.
– Rewarding game play and story.
– Side scroller with physics based player movement.

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